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Dramatically improve the cornering and handling of your musclecar with a PST Front End Kit! Old, worn steering and suspension components cause “play” in the steering system, resulting in unresponsive handling and wandering on the road. PST’s parts are precision engineered for durability that meets or exceeds OE standards, and are backed by our Lifetime Limited Warranty! We’ve packaged the most commonly needed components into our convenient Standard Front End Kits for the budget-minded customer. Most enthusiasts choose to save time and money by replacing all of the components at once with our Super Front End Kit, instead of dismantling the suspension repeatedly to replace one or two parts at a time. 

Each of our kits are available with original equipment-style Rubber bushings or PST’s exclusive POLYGRAPHITE® bushings. Rubber bushings are best suited for restoration projects where handling isn’t a key objective. POLYGRAPHITE® bushings are the latest in suspension technology, featuring the lubricating qualities of graphite and virtually zero deflection operation for the best in handling and cornering. For the ultimate in combination of ride quality and performance, choose a POLYGRAPHITE® Super Front End Kit to take your vehicle to the limit.

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Super and Standard Polygraphite and Rubber Front End Kits

Today will be talking about our Super and Standard Polygraphite and Rubber Front End Kits. For nearly 30 years now we’ve been providing the muscle car hobby with polygraphite as well as rubber OEM style front end kits.

Mopar Lower Control Arm Rebuilding Kits

Today I’m here to talk to you about our Mopar lower control arm rebuilding kits for Mopar’s A-bodies, B-bodies and E-bodies. Today I’ll be showing you the various parts that go into our rebuilding kits.

Mopar Adjustable Strut Rods for A, B and E Body Mopars

Today we will be talking about our Mopar adjustable strut rods. We have these available for you’re A,B and E body Mopars.

Lower Control Arm Stiffening Plates For Mopar A, B, and E Bodies

PST demonstrates Lower Control Arm Stiffening Plates For Mopar A, B, and E Bodies

GM Steering Linkage Kit

Today well be talking about our GM steering linkage kit. If you have an older restoration and it doesn’t need a full font end rebuild kit this is the kit for you.